Monday, 17 June 2013

Review: Soap and Glory's Hocus Focus

I was recommended to try Soap and Glory's Hocus Focus by someone at university and I'm really glad that I was. Intrigued by the claims of this multi-use glow-giver and in need of something to add that extra glow to my skin I picked this up from Boots two weeks ago.

I've worn it every day since.

Friday, 14 June 2013

Outfit of the day: Back to an autumn palette...

This thing with British summers are that they are never really all too sunny. So whilst we all pour over Vogue and aim to wear the summer season brights or pastels, in reality, when there is constant drizzle you just look like a plonker walking around in tropical brights or delicate ice-cream shades. Or at least, this was my first thought this morning when I opened my blind to see a dull, dreary and drizzly setting.
So today I've dug out some of my autumn wardrobe favourites and paired them with my brand new Joules gilet which I picked up for half price on an amazing website called Naylors Equestrian.

Gilets are great for those in-between a jacket and coat days! I purchased it in a larger size (10) so that I can wear it over chunky knitted jumpers in winter. I just have a plain ochre yellow long sleeve top from Primark underneath. I paired the two with one of my favourite skirts a deep chocolate brown suede and leather flared number ( which I picked up from Warehouse a couple of years ago) and some chocolate brown tights. As for what I wore on my feet- I'm not telling! I plan to show them next week in another post!

*(Please excuse the washed out pictures, it was so bright out (despite raining, bizarrely, that the photo quality isn't all that great).*

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Soft Summer Curls

(So this post was intended to go up as part of 'Trend Time Tuesday' yesterday but I've been rushed off my feet on a work placement this week so you'll have to  forgive my lateness. My 'what I ate post' and 'what I wore' post will be posted later in the week. I have been in a university t-shirt all day so my outfit hasn't been all too exciting and I've just grabbed food on the go so didn't get a chance to document it- so these posts will be compiled and uploaded on Friday instead!)
So onto today's post which is a review on some Phil Smith hair products that are simply divine...

I have very curly/wavy hair. It is neither completely curly, nor wavy, it just sits indecisively between the two, and let me tell you, my hair loves to frizz. One day I'll get up and it's really curly and frizzy and sometimes it will be wavy but with no body. Basically, my hair has always led to a morning battle ensuing between me, the brush, and some form of hair product claiming to 'smoothen frizz'. Out of exasperation I used to end up just throwing it up most of the time and smoothing frizz as best I could with doses and doses of hair spray.

That is, until I discovered the Be Gorgeous Curly Locks range from Phil smith. The shampoo and conditioner are the best I have ever tried . They are the perfect products for curly hair and leave my hair silky and smooth. My hair falls into much better natural curls when I use this stuff and the shine and lustre it gives mimics that of the lustre your hair has post-salon visit.

Equally gorgeous is the hair cream. I use this on the end of my hair whilst it is still damp. It helps the hair fall into smooth curls and keeps frizz at bay.

I would also really recommend the hairspray from the Be Gorgeous range which gives a medium hold and helps keep curls and any styled sections of your hair in place all day.

The salt spray from the same range is also fantastic (not pictured in this post). A spritz of the salt defusing little number in the hair post-wash or when dry will give your hair more texture and a beachy wave, and, a little frizz- but good frizz, the 'I've just been on the beach and have beautiful tousled beachy hair' type of texture that you see on beachy magazine shoots. (when, in reality, this actually ever happens I don't know- usually my hair just looks a right mess post- beach visit, but you get the idea).

So, if you're curls are in need of some added 'oomfh' or de-frizzing. Look no further. A little Phil Smith will sort you out! (For reference as to what my hair looks like after using this stuff see last weeks post on my current make-up routine, which shows my hair styled using these products).